CryoDerm: An All Natural Aid in Pain Relief

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

CryoDerm is an all-natural, chemically free product that it works quickly, and can be used to treat a wide range of pain symptoms. It was invented by a massage therapist who used it as a replacement for massage oil and cream. As he used it, he realized that it worked far better than anything else he tried to alleviate muscle pain.

It’s all in the Ingredients. CryoDerm contains arnica, boswella, llex, menthol, and MSM. All of which have many pain relieving benefits.

Arnica. Also known as leopard’s bane, part of the sunflower family, and has been used in homeopathic remedies for hundreds of years.

Benefits of Arnica: Helps bruises heal faster, treats osteoarthritis, improves carpal tunnel, relieves muscle pain, and eases inflammation.

Boswella. An anti-inflammatory which comes from the resin of Boswellia shrubs and small trees found in the mountains of central India. This is the same tree that Frankincense is derived from.

Benefits of Boswella: Reduces inflammation, helps fight cancer, speeds of healing process of infections, and may help prevent autoimmune diseases.

Ilex. An herbal extract that is used in many natural treatments for pain relief.

Benefits of Ilex: Reduces inflammation, is an analgesic, and helps reduce swelling.

Menthol. An organic compound obtained from corn mint, peppermint, and other mint oils. It is known for it’s ability to relive joint and muscle pain.

Benefits of Menthol: Effective in relieving itching, muscle pain, headaches, relieves sinus pressure, and has aromatherapy properties.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). This is a naturally occurring nutrient in the body that functions as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Benefits of MSM: Helps treats osteoarthritis and joint pain, lowers muscle pain, and helps body deal with stress.

CryoDerm is also free of the highly controversial, Isopropyl Alcohol, found in many topical pain medications. Instead, CryoDerm uses natural grain alcohol.

CryoDerm is a must have for every medicine cabinet. It is a product that is great to have on hand for when muscle pain or joint discomfort decided to knock on your door.

We carry this all natural and helpful product at the office.

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