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15 Reasons You Should Be Using Oregano Oil

Updated: May 9

Oregano is a member of the mint family, and is far more than just an ingredient in Grandma’s sauce. It is one of the best natural herbs for your health. In the world of natural health, it is considered to have benefits that are far superior to many prescription antibiotics.

Oregano oil is overflowing with free radical destroying antioxidants. It has tons of amazing uses, including: aiding with oral health, repelling insects, eliminating ringworm, helping with cold symptoms, killing fungal infections, ear infections, and treating skin conditions.

Oregano oil is very high in phenols. Phenols are compounds that react with free radicals preventing them from causing harm.

Let’s take a look at the healing phenol compounds of oregano oil:

  • Rosmarinic acid

    • an antioxidant that is also a powerful antihistamine

  • Linalool

    • relieves anxiety.

  • Carvacrol

    • fights several types of bacterial infections, including: E. coli, albicans, salmonella, staph infections, and more

  • Thymol

    • an antiseptic that helps treat fungal infections

  • Terpenes

    • powerful anti-bacterial properties

  • Naringin

    • helps to stop cancer cells from growing

  • Beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP)

    • an anti-inflammatory

  1. Antiviral

  2. Anti-parasitic

  3. Protects against harmful organisms

  4. Aids in digestion

  5. Relieves allergies

  6. Anti-inflammatory

  7. Soothes sore throat

  8. Anti-fungal

  9. Helps cold sores heal faster

  10. Anti-aging

  11. Helps with digestive issues

  12. Antibacterial

  13. Supports your immune system

  14. Antiseptic

  15. Reduces dandruff

As you can clearly see, oregano oil is a very powerful natural substance that has a plethora of benefits for your health. Recently, a study from the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences showed that of all the compounds in oregano oil, carvacrol, was shown to prevent side-effects to some of the most dangerous drugs. Another study conducted by researchers from the Netherlands has shown that oregano oil can also “prevent bacterial overgrowth and colonization in the large intestine during oral iron therapy.” Oregano oil can also be beneficial in the fight against cancer! A study conducted by researchers from Pakistan, published in the journal, Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, proved oregano oil’s ability to kill cancer cells of various types. It truly is a powerhouse unlike any other!

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