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Benefits of Zheng Xie Gu Shui (Evil Bone Water)

Updated: Feb 24

Zheng Xie Gu Shui is a very strong, topical Chinese herbal liniment that has been used for over 500 years. The literal English translation is "Evil Bone Water," which looks like an intimidating name, but the results it gets are anything but evil!

What Does Zheng Xie Gu Shui Do?

Zheng Xie Gu Shui promotes good circulation, eases pain, decreases inflammation, and strengthens connective tissues. As its name suggests, it also assists in the healing of bones and can shorten recovery time for fractures. In fact, if you have Zheng Xie Gu Shui on hand when a bone breaks, it can be applied to the area of unbroken skin to relieve pain immediately until the bone can be set at the hospital!

Often prescribed in sports medicine and martial arts circles for fractures, bruises, and sprains, its rapid, deep-penetrating healing properties also provide relief for chronic muscle and bone issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

What Is In Zheng Xie Gu Shui?

Zheng Xie Gu Shui uses a blend of 10 herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine for the most intensive and effective treatment, including:

  • Zhang Nao (Camphor)

  • Bo He Nao (Menthol)

  • Tien Qi (Pseudoginseng)

  • Ji Gu Xiang (Japanese Knot Weed)

  • Gui Pi (Cinnamon Bark)

How Do I Use Zheng Xie Gu Shui?

To use, apply the ointment directly to your skin using a cotton ball twice a day or as otherwise prescribed by a functional medicine practitioner. It should not be used on any area of broken skin (such as an open wound).

To pick up your bottle of "Evil Bone Water" today, give us a call at (321) 972-2940 or stop by our office!


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