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Acupuncture Point: PC-6

Located on the inner wrist, Pericardium-6 (PC-6), or Neiguan (meaning "inner pass), is one of my favorite acupuncture points because it has so many amazing uses. PC-6 is THE go-to acupuncture point for treating nausea, vomiting, and any disorders involving the heart and chest. This acupressure point has gained popularity specifically for its ability to improve morning sickness, seasickness, motion sickness, post-surgical and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. In fact, PC-6 has become such a popular point in acupressure that there are bands made specifically to apply pressure to this point, hands-free!

PC-6 helps to regulate the heart and induce a calming effect, so it a great point for treating heart palpitations, irregular heart beat, irregular heart rate, heart pain, chest pain, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and fear. It also improves nervous conditions affecting the stomach to treat stomachache and hiccups, in addition to nausea or vomiting. PC-6 is also a common point used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome because it affects the median nerve, which lies beneath it.

PC-6 Research Studies

PC-6 was proven effective for preventing post-operative vomiting, reducing nausea, and improving patient comfort following gynecological surgery.

Another study showed that acupuncture at PC-6 "exerts therapeutic effects on ARS [acute-restraint stress]-induced anxiety by dampening overproduction of amygdaloid NE [norepinephrine]."

PC-6 was also proven effective for treating pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. "According to the results, in healthy women with normal pregnancy it is possible to reduce NVP [nausea and vomiting in pregnancy] significantly at PC-6 as compared to acupressure at a placebo point and to no treatment."

In the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, acupuncture at PC-6 (and nearby point PC-5) for 8 sessions over the course of 4 weeks was just as effective as 4 weeks of oral prednisolone.

How to Perform Acupressure on PC-6:

To perform acupressure on PC-6, you can use your hands or purchase a wrist band to wear here.

  1. Locate PC-6 between the tendons of the inner wrist, 3 finger-widths up from the inner crease of the wrist.

  2. Hold your wrist up to your heart. Using your thumb, gently press down on this point (while anchoring your other fingers on the opposite side of your wrist) for 1 minute while breathing deeply through your nose.

  3. Switch to the opposite wrist and repeat for 1 minute.

So next time you are nauseous, travelling, anxious, or experiencing any of the symptoms I mentioned above, remember to use this wonderful acupressure point!!

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