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Lose Weight & Curb Appetite with Dichrostachys Glomerata

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Are you frustrated because you can't seem to lose weight, no matter what? Metabolic syndrome may be to blame. The symptoms of metabolic syndrome include: increased abdominal fat, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol or triglycerides and elevated blood sugar (glucose). Maybe you overeat because you never seem to feel full, a condition called leptin-resistance. This is caused by an elevation of a hormone called leptin, stored in your fat cells, which signals the brain to stop you from feeling hungry. When you are overweight and have an increased number of fat cells, your leptin levels go up, causing you to feel hungry and unsatisfied. Both of these conditions have become an increasingly common reason for weight gain, and now there is a solution!!

Dichrostachys glomerata (DygloFit) is a fruit extract and African culinary spice that has been clinically proven to stimulate weight loss, decrease inflammation and prevent heart disease. This wonderful fruit extract works so well because it addresses the underlying root problems causing you to gain weight in the first place! Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies show that people taking 200 milligrams of dichrostachys glomerata extract before lunch and dinner, lost an average of 24.5 lbs and 11.3% body fat in 2 months without the modification of lifestyle, diet, or exercise. Dichrostachys glomerata extract also was proven to reduce systolic blood pressure, lower fasting blood glucose, lower BMI, and decrease body fat and waist circumference.

Top Benefits of Dichrostachys glomerata:

  • Stimulates weight loss

  • Regulates leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full)

  • Treats metabolic syndrome

  • Controls appetite

  • Prevents overeating

  • Increases metabolism

  • Helps your body convert sugar to energy instead of turning into fat

  • Lowers inflammatory marker C-reactive protein

  • Lowers blood pressure & cholesterol

  • Decreases cardiovascular risk factors

We carry Dichrostachys glomerata extract in a pleasant tasting spray in our our natural pharmacy. It is also one of the key components in New Direction's Ultimate Slim Down Program. Call us today at 321-972-2940 to find out how you can get your hands on this hidden weight loss gem. Don't worry about pronouncing it, just call it "DG" for short!


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