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Chinese Herbal Medicine

A safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Altamonte Central Florida Chinese Herbal Medicine

Are you looking for an effective alternative to over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs?  Are you looking to treat the cause of your health problems rather than masking the symptoms?  Is is your goal to cut down or eliminate your current medication(s) in a safe and natural way?  We can help you!

Our Chinese Herbal Medicine Program includes: a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your organs and body systems, answers to your health questions, and customized Chinese herbal prescriptions formulated specifically for you.  Chinese herbal medicine is designed to treat the underlying mechanisms causing your health problems to correct them and heal your body for the long-term.  With this program, you will have an evaluation with our nationally-licensed Chinese herbalist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine on a weekly to bi-monthly basis for 3-6 months.  Your customized herbal prescriptions will be made for you in our on-site Chinese herbal pharmacy and dispensed to you at each appointment.

New Direction Natural Medicine has one of the largest custom Chinese herbal pharmacies in central Florida. We only carry and dispense herbal medicine of the highest quality to ensure effectiveness and purity. Custom formulas are made using powdered granules which are mixed together specifically for each individual patient.

Chinese herbs are simply natural whole foods, most often plants and seeds, that have not been separated out in their individual single chemicals that a drug company can sell you as a medication. Your body sees these herbs as food that nourishes and builds the body. 

Herbal medicine taken in the powder or granular form is readily absorbed and easily assimilated. Herbal formulas are also cost-effective, in that one formula can be made to treat several conditions while simultaneously addressing the root cause and symptoms. Formulas are modified every week to every month as your condition changes and improves.

In Chinese Herbal Medicine, there is no “one size fits all”. Chinese medicine recognizes the fact that no two patients are exactly the same. Each patient presents with their own unique set of symptoms, disease patterns, and causes of disease. Most patients do not have just one single symptom or pattern, but rather complex groups of multiple symptoms and patterns. For this reason, single herbs are rarely given in Chinese Medicine; instead, herbs are combined together into a formula to carry out specific actions and simultaneously target multiple disease patterns unique to each patient. Herbs are also combined in a special way to enhance each other’s therapeutic effect and to decrease the chance of side effects.

Instead of only treating symptoms, Chinese herbs change the disease process or pattern in your body that has created those symptoms. This is why Chinese herbs are so powerful. They not only treat the symptoms, but also treat the root or nature of disease so that the body learns not to create those symptoms in the future.

With Chinese herbs, your formula changes as your condition changes. For example, if you have migraine headaches, you will be given a certain formula. As the headaches change, the formula changes. Some of the herbs will remain the same, and others will be added or removed (from the formula) as the symptoms change. Formulas in Chinese medicine match your state of being at any given time. When the migraines are under control, you can be take a maintenance formula which doesn’t change.

Custom Herbal Medication

Chinese formula contain two parts: herbs that address the problem you are having and herbs that address why you personally are having this problem. For example, two people with insomnia who come for treatment may receive two different formulas. Their make-ups are different, and their bodies will react differently to illness or stress. The reasons they have insomnia may be different. Some of the herbs in their formulas, the ones affecting insomnia, will be the same. The second part of their formulas will be different. These herbs will match the reasons that they in particular are having trouble sleeping. This is how Chinese Medicine gives more than just symptomatic relief for diseases. For this reason you should never give your herbs to someone else without consulting your herbalist first.

How long does it take for Chinese herbs to work?


For most chronic conditions you will notice results within one to two months.  Relief for acute conditions can be more immediate.

For a chronic condition such as arthritis, you may need to take a maintenance formula after your pain diminishes.  With issues like insomnia and anxiety, you may keep a formula with you to take if you need it.  Sometimes you will need to take a formula seasonally, for instance with allergies in spring and fall.  For menstrual problems or PMS, you may need to take something each month once your cycle becomes normal.  Other times you may only need herbs for a few days, such as when you feel a cold coming on or have a stomach virus.  Chinese herbs can be used on a one-time basis in certain situations, such as for sports injuries.

Smiling woman taking Chinese Herbs

How do I take my herbs?


Herbal formulas come packaged with a measuring spoon inside. Dosage instructions are labeled on each package. Formulas should be taken at the times specified  on the label. Formulas are taken like a tea. Simply spoon out the prescribed dosage into a mug and mix with approximately 6 oz. of hot or boiling water. Mix well and drink when the water has slightly cooled off enough to drink.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to take your herbs.

Should I stop taking my medicine when I use Chinese herbs or acupuncture?


NO.  You should never discontinue medication prescribed by your doctors without their permission.

Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs work very well with most western medicines.  Be sure that your practitioner knows you are taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Are Chinese herbs safe?


YES!  New Direction Natural Medicine only carries herbs from the most reputable companies that have the highest quality standards and use rigorous testing to ensure purity. All the herbs carried in our natural pharmacy have been tested for heavy, metals, pesticides, toxins and contaminants to ensure you are getting the highest quality pure herbal medicine. 


Dr. Stephanie Bartolotti, DACM is a nationally certified Chinese herbalist with extensive training by world-renowned herbalists in the field and over 10 years of experience prescribing custom herbal medicine. Dr. Bartolotti is one of the few practitioners in the area offering customized herbal medicine to provide her patients with exceptional results. 

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