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"Love this place! SO thankful for Dr. Bartolotti! I truly believe in what she does and have been under her care at two different times of my life. When I first found her it was several years ago for a nerve issue in my foot/leg as I was training for a marathon. The help she gave was amazing- acupuncture, herbs, and cupping- and marathon completed! I have returned to her care for some internal issues, one being inflammation. The care I am receiving with the use of acupuncture and chinese herbs is amazing. Dr. Bartolotti is patient, and I believe truly cares about the well being of her patients! She is amazing at what she does!" ~J.K.

"Dr. Stephanie, I can't thank you enough for everything      you've done for me and my family. As you know, when I first came to you I was so discouraged with the lack of success with my fertility treatments and was desperate for a miracle.   Having never tried natural medicine and acupuncture, I was skeptical but you made me a firm believer!! I know that without your help we wouldn't have our baby I will forever be grateful for you!

I also want to thank you for all your encouragement, support, and caring. You've become more than just a doctor, I consider you a friend. You've always gone the extra mile for me. You've got a patient for life in me!" ~ Shawnna O.

Acupuncture for fertility

Baby Cameron

“There are really no words to explain how amazing Stephanie is!! I have been to many doctors treating my anxiety and panic attacks. She has kicked my anxiety’s butt like no other Dr. has dreamed of. Now we are working on my PMS and back pain. I have no problem telling the world how fantastic she is at what she clearly has a passion for. Thank you so much!! You guys rock!!!” ~ E.M

My pain level is almost non existant!!!!  Soooo thankful. Amazing to walk in the Mall with our granddaughter and not be in pain and able to keep up with a 15 year old Basketball player!!!!”~ G.C.

"Dr. Stephanie is AWESOME! Her acupuncture treatments and custom herbs have had an amazing impact on my overall health. If you suffer from an “invisible illness” this is the place to go. Dr. Stephanie and her staff treat you with compassion, respect, while not only believing your symptoms and understanding them but having the ability to treatments that work." ~ T.C.

“I came to Stephanie with a number of issues and she was able to help me miraculously in such a short time. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She even knew things before my medical doctor identified. I am very much impressed and grateful for her help in my mental and physical health.”  ~ S.W.

Infertility Baby Ella

Baby Ella

Dr. Stephanie, Thank you so much for everything you did to help us get pregnant with our baby girl!

I honestly feel that we would not have our little girl if it weren’t for you!  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!” ~ A.Z.

Infertility Baby Abel

Baby Abel

“Dr. Stephanie truly cares about each of her patients.  She is a great listener and problem solver, and very balanced in her approach to help you maintain your health. I always look forward to appointments with her!” ~S.S

“Dr. Stephanie is amazingly kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I have suffered from sinus and respiratory infections for 28 years. Cupping, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs have made a HUGE difference with my health. This combination of treatments has decreased my infections

tremendously! Thanks, Dr. Stephanie!” ~ D.M.


“New Direction Natural Medicine is an oasis of peace and healing. Stephanie is a talented and amazing ray of sunshine. She is constantly learning new methods to help her patients feel better. Above all, she has helped keep me together while I finish up a very stressful part of my life. I highly recommend New Direction Natural Medicine.” ~ A.B.

"Dr. Stephanie has been my doctor for 3 years now. She has helped my body recuperate from simple colds to anxiety attacks to postpartum highs and lows. I love her calm spirit, excellent bedside manner, lovely office and precision at diagnosing my ailments. She truly listens to me and is very careful and accurate at giving me always her best service. She combines high tech             equipment with her empathic and intuitive soul to create an amazing service. I highly recommend Dr. Stephanie!” ~ A.S.

“Dear Dr. Stephanie, After trying for a long time, we are so glad we came to you for help. Thank you for addressing my fertility issues, for placing my fears to rest, and making my pregnancy a natural and smooth experience. But most of all,

thank you so much for your help in making this wonderful blessing possible! We do plan on continuing to see you for baby #2 in the future!  

 Many Thanks” ~ Onew & Howard K.

“I want to thank Dr. Stephanie for playing such an important role in my healing journey. What a great experience it was to have a doctor listen to, respect, and acknowledge my health concerns. The acupuncture was wonderful and incredibly helpful. The herbs were quality and easy to take. The atmosphere of the office is peaceful. Dr. Stephanie uses non-invasive, natural ways to help bring you into balance, and you can feel the difference right away. Highly recommended!” ~ C.S.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Stephanie, or recommend her more highly. She works out of her small, but beautifully relaxing and impeccable office, and from the moment you walk in and smell the essential oils, you feel better and happier. From the receptionist, to her email reminders, website, newsletters and computer technology, everything is highly professional and detailed. There is a huge array of supplements and Chinese medicine at her pharmacy and she provides a lot of different types of treatments, yet never pushes anything on you. Dr. Stephanie is highly knowledgeable about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and so much more like diet and lifestyle. She is constantly furthering her education in the field, she is very intelligent and you can tell she loves what she does immensely. Her manner is calm and pleasant and she really listens to what you say.” ~ D.J.

“Just walked out of New Direction Natural Medicine today having graduated! Yeah on two counts! First, I walked out (not hobbled, limped, or dragging my right leg because of the chronic back pain that brought me to try acupuncture here), but walked out with a normal gait. The 2nd part is am moving towards a maintenance mode, having crossed over the divide between feeling lousy a lot of the time because I couldn’t shake the pain, to feeling good. It was looking pretty impassable just a few weeks ago. I was skeptical about the whole idea of acupuncture. What a knucklehead for waiting to try this until now! After nearly two years of pain, doctors, therapy, MRI’s, nerve block, etc., in just a few weeks the difference is unbelievable, and my whole situation in heading towards doing an 180. Thanks, Dr. Stephanie!” ~ R.L.

“If you’ve been curious about acupuncture but haven’t mustered up the courage to actually go I want to share this exciting news with YOU: My Doctor is absolutely amazing. She has helped me through a lot of stages in my life and health and I can’t say enough about her. We still giggle when we recall all of the times I had Rescue called at work after anxiety flare ups only to end up full of needles in her office instead of in a hospital room. Give it a chance, you never know until you try.” ~ A.S.

Infertility Baby Violet

Baby Violet

We can’t thank you enough for helping make Violet possible. This sweet baby has brought us tremendous joy, hope, healing and love and we are so glad to have her. I hope you know what your work has meant to us. We can’t thank you enough.” ~ Katie F.

“I have seen great results since going to her for the last six months, so much so, that I have my husband and parents going to her as well, and everyone loves her and finds the acupuncture beneficial. I never knew that acupuncture had such relaxing effects until I went to her, from the time I lie on her amazing table, I settle in and enjoy it. I think acupuncture is truly one of the best maintenance treatments a person can do for his/her health as well as for specific conditions, and never plan to stop going to Dr. Stephanie.” ~ D.J.

“Dr. Stephanie has really helped me with my anxiety attacks. Between the acupuncture treatments and custom herbs my anxiety is no more. My son has been

diagnosed with ADD and the side effects from the medication he was on was off the charts. With the combination of acupuncture and herbs he is on the lowest does of medication with no side-effects. Acupuncture is apart of our family’s health care program now!!” ~ M.M.

“I have Type 1 diabetes and four herniated disks in my neck and back and I started seeing Dr. Stephanie at the end of March. In only three months she has lowered my insulin intake and alleviated the pain in both my neck and back to a 2. I have been seeing my endocrinologist for four years and she hasn’t come anywhere near lowering my blood sugars like this! The office environment is incredibly relaxing with a small and friendly staff, and she offers all of the bells and whistles unlike other acupuncturists! She has patients drive from all over Florida to see her, she’s a miracle worker!!! I highly recommend her to anyone trying to better their lifestyle!” ~ M.E.

 “Before coming to her office I had serious doubts about acupuncture. After my first visit, I became a believer. I came to see her for chronic pain and fatigue. With acupuncture and prescribed herbs, my health has improved 95%.” ~ T.R.

 “Dr. Stephanie thank you so much for treating me while I was struggling with infertility. Without your care I don’t think I would have my beautiful daughter today.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” ~ C.M.

Infertility Baby Caylin

Baby Caylin

“I have been seeing Stephanie for almost two years and one of the things I love most about her is her diligence to do everything possible to make sure you get the best healing experience possible…Thank you Stephanie for all  you have done for me!” ~J.R.

I’ve been with Dr. Stephanie now for 5 months with GREAT results. I’m not craving sugary sweets like before and my pain level has decreased. I’ve got energy to last just about all day and I’m not falling asleep at the drop of a hat! Thanks, Dr. Stephanie!” ~ D.G.

“I went to New Direction Natural Medicine for my acid reflux. After two months, my reflux is totally under control. No more antacids! I am a believer!” ~ D.B.

“I have one herniated disk and one bulging disk in my lower back sustained in an accident. I have been seeing Stephanie for several weeks now to treat it. I could hardly do much when I came to her. Her treatments are amazing. My Chiropractor says the improvement in such a short amount of time for my injury is significant. I can tell he was blown away by how quickly I have recovered. I attribute that recovery to Stephanie’s treatments. She has also helped me make progress in recovering from a nasty elbow injury due to over-training. She has enabled me to retain my active lifestyle. She has a very relaxing facility to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatments.”
~ S.L.

“I was starting to make the switch from as natural as possible for myself as I was pregnant with my 4th child and needed to get healthy for myself and the baby. I started seeing her originally to quit smoking. An awful habit I had for too long. I had previously tried all the tools over the counter to no avail.

When I went to Dr Stephanie for the 1st time she was very professional and kind. She never made me feel bad for my habit and listened and offered excellent tips on how to handle and be successful in the process. I did acupuncture and herbs and a serum for my emotions during the process. My experience and story are that of a fairytale. After only a few weeks I quit and haven’t looked back since. I struggled of course but she was always there to listen, answer my frantic messages and get me in for an appointment at the drop of a dime! My story doesn’t end there however. She helped me through the pregnancy and laboring process and did amazing prenatal massage.

My sweet little guy started struggling with gastrointestinal issues very early on and we were told he would have to have tons of surgery and would just “be a constipated kid forever” from various different specialists and hospitals. I started taking him to see Dr Stephanie for laser treatment which is the best because it’s completely painless and belly massage. He also started on some tinctures for his tummy troubles. He was also never a great sleeper but the day I started taking him to his appointments he slept for 3 hours straight which was a first! She also saved my life with a teething formula for when he was teething and having lots of pain and interrupted sleep. Today I am beyond happy to report he now goes to the bathroom on his own. No more constipation and no need for awful stimulants or laxatives as the traditional doctors wanted.

I also have a son who is a severe asthmatic and when he would get attacks he would ultimately end up on steroids and in the hospital several times a year. Then I started taking him for laser as well as cupping and it completely nipped it in the bud! No medication needed and no hospital stays.

I couldn’t put into words all the miracles this wonderful woman has done for our family. She has truly been the best thing we ever committed too! She is always there to help and always goes above and beyond for her patients no matter the time or day! I am so blessed to have her. We all are. I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone I come across. She is heaven sent & WORTH EVERY PENNY!!”
~ J.P

“Where to begin? I have had chronic tendonitis in both elbows for more than 3 years. I had tried different treatments with little or no success. Then I started having issues with the supraspinatus tendon in my right shoulder. I went to a shoulder surgeon and he basically told me that the only treatment was surgery. I tried physical therapy with little success. I moved to Orlando in May of 2010 and joined Bally Total Fitness. I was talking to the manager one day and mentioned my problems. He gave me Stephanie’s number and suggested I call her. I honestly can’t remember how many treatments it took, but it wasn’t long before my elbows felt much better. Today my elbows rarely hurt. It’s a huge difference from having daily pain. Stephanie has an awesome personality and makes you feel very comfortable during the treatments. It’s been a year since I started my treatments with her and now it’s like I’m going to visit an old friend. I have to admit I was skeptical when I made my first appointment. I thought all acupuncturist were old Chinese men who could barely speak any English (lol), but after meeting with her and seeing how knowledgeable and professional she is I was convinced I had made the right choice. When my friends ask if I think the acupuncture, cupping and herbs help I tell them yes. I’ve always thought that God would never put us here on this planet without the means to heal ourselves when we’re sick or ailing. Natural medicine is the way to go!” ~ T.T.

“When I first came to New Direction I was an anxiety-riddled mess with heart palpitations. After a few acupuncture sessions and herbal formulas, I felt considerably better. After about another month of treatments I felt as though I had never had the problem in the first place. Since New Direction relocated to Altamonte Springs we have kept up the herbal treatments and I am still feeling great! I wholeheartedly recommend New Direction Natural Medicine.” ~ D.B.

“I was extremely hesitant to even consider acupuncture but after 2 years of dealing with chronic shoulder pain and after going through traditional medicine, chiropractic and even massage therapy I decided to give it a try. Needless to say I was amazed! After just 3 treatments I had a huge improvement and every treatment now just makes it better. I am astonished at the results I received and have begun having Doctor Stephanie work on other problems I have been dealing with for a long time! New Direction truly is a new look at medicine with a holistic approach to making you feel better! THANKS DOC!”
~ R.T.

“I was a little nervous to see an acupuncturist but on the recommendation of a friend I called and made an appointment. I’m not a fan of needles, but she assured me that it was not like the ones the doctor uses to inject with. I went for lower back pain, and she analyzed my health by checking my pulse. Apparently Dr. Irzyk can do a complete diagnosis by checking your pulse which I found fascinating. I had acupuncture and cupping done as well. I left with minimal back pain and the next day it was all about gone. If you’ve been considering acupuncture, New Direction Natural Medicine is where I would tell my family and to go.”
~ J.P.

“Stephanie is an excellent Acupuncture Physician who I have personally referred my patients to. She is intuitive, brilliant and able to effectively heal others. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great doctor.”
~ J.H.


I achieved great results in the treatment of my allergies. I will never go back to a regular doctor. She spent more time with me learning about my allergies than any other traditional doctor. She is great!”
~ R.G.

“While there are many very good acupuncturists, Dr. Stephanie Irzyk’s integration of pulse diagnosis, to me, sets her apart from her peers. Her ability to evaluate subtle nuances in the pulse to diagnose a patient is both fascinating and effective. She custom creates Chinese Herbs specific to the patient’s condition. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the Central FL area.”
~ J.P.

“I am feeling SO MUCH better today that it is nothing short of extraordinary – it’s the first time in three weeks that I’ve been able to walk and bend normally and my pain levels are down about 75%. A very joyful day indeed. Thanks again for your expertise and kindness.”
~ S.P.

“I just wanted you to know that I feel GREAT! No more tingling, or numbness in the arm or pain in my chest. I’m really impressed with your acupuncture! Thanks a million!”
~ A.S.

“Wow – worlds cannot express how we feel…
How do I thank Dr. Stephanie Irzyk – for what she did for my Luke and our family…? Under the great care of the Florida Child’s Neurology Center in Orlando – my 14 year old son, Luke, receives the best care that modern medicine could offer to control his seizure disorder (PKD). Since there’s no cure for his condition we could only hope to minimize the number of seizures Luke experiences on a daily basis; these seizures were both damaging and disruptive. So I asked Luke’s physician if Acupuncture could help Luke’s condition; their reply “it couldn’t hurt and some patients experience good results from Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Dr. Stephanie started Luke out on a series of Custom Herbal formulas in capsule form to help decrease the number of daily seizures. I was truly impressed with her depth of understanding and the amount of research she put into his condition – not what I expected from an Acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine Doctor. She even educated me on a few things we didn’t yet know about PKD. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

What’s truly important: When Luke first started seeing Dr. Stephanie for his condition he was experiencing between 14 to 17 micro seizures per day; 2 to 3 heavy seizures per week and at least 2 major seizures per year… Today Luke experiences 1 to 2 micro seizures per day, has had only 2 heavy seizures during the last seven months and NO major seizures! For a Teen – this means the world to him, a true blessing for him and our family. The joy of not worrying about having a micro seizure every time he stands up – has changed him! He started working out and lifting weights, loves running and has even joined the Color Guards in his high school’s JROTC program!

Words cannot express how we feel… how do you say a, “Thank You” worthy of what Dr. Stephanie has done for Luke, for his condition and his self-esteem. Well you can’t… So I decided to sit down and write this testimonial in hopes that others will find their way to Dr. Stephanie… an amazing, professional and compassionate Doctor of Oriental Medicine – far more than what you would expect from an acupuncturist. Her knowledge, compassion and gentle hand sets her aside from the rest – a true care-giver. Thank you Dr. Stephanie Irzyk.”
~ D.C.

“I’ve been searching for an acupuncturist for a while and I’m so happy I found Dr. Stephanie. I went in 2 weeks ago for heel pain and sinus problems, and was happy with the results. I returned for another treatment this week for more symptoms and immediately afterwards I realized I felt GREAT! I have been feeling run-down and depressed for months, but that second treatment left me feeling WONDERFUL!
~ M. F.

“Thank you Dr. Stephanie! Your formula and cares worked wonders: basically after the first day I no longer had the runny nose and terrible cough. No more fever, no more itchy and watery eyes, no more runny nose, no more itchy throat, no more chest pain due to coughing and no more spleen discomfort. The whole service truly is fantastic! Thanks again and I’ll see you soon.”
~ A.S.


“I’ve been feeling like horrible for 4 days now. Finally went to see Stephanie Irzyk, D.O.M. and already I’m feeling 100 times better!! The sinus pressure is gone!! Next time I start feeling sick, she will #1 on my priority list!
~ C.P.

“Two weeks ago I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to do my 1/2 Marathon. I was referred to New Direction for treatment and just after 2 treatments I feel amazing and ready to conquer my 3rd 1/2 Marathon. Thank you so much!!!”
~ T.P.

“Dr. Stephanie is amazing! Her office is very quiet and relaxing. She is a fantastic listener, is very knowledgeable, and more than willing to help you! I will keep coming to her!”
~ A.H.

”I got acupuncture, prenatal massage, ear seeds, the kinesthetic taping today. Dr. Stephanie Irzyk is amazing. Never seen such immediate and unbelievable results. She helped me quit my bad habit of smoking too. If you are in need of someone I would def def recommend her. She’s a doll. So very sweet and talented.”
~ J.P.

“Thanks Dr. Stephanie. I always like to see the areas that need improvement. Getting healthy is hard work and I’m glad I don’t have to do it alone. Thanks for all your help!”
~ J.B.

Stephanie is very knowledgeable and professional. She is working with me on several issues that are improving. Acupuncture treatments are relaxing and beneficial.”
~ K.B.

“Dr. Stephanie has helped my family so much with all of our issues :) My son loves going and getting his treatments!
~ M.M.

Dr. Stephanie has changed my life! I used to always be sick and constantly go to the doctors and all they would give me was antibiotics. I had a very low hemoglobin and a lot of digestive issues. Thanks to Dr. Stephanie I haven’t had any antibiotics since October of 2013, I haven’t gotten sick since October 2013, and my hemoglobin is at 12.3 which is above average. She is worth every penny!”
~ A.O.

“The office feels so good and Stephanie is awesome. She made me a formula two days ago, I could barely breathe and today I am truly breathing effortlessly… So thankful.”
~ B.S.

“Stephanie Irzyk is the absolute BEST! She’s extremely knowledgeable, completely professional and absolutely wonderful to work with. Since I began treatment with her, I’ve become the healthiest I’ve ever been. I highly recommend her!”
~ J.S.

“Stephanie is so detail oriented. Her services are functional for health and relaxing all at the same time. Her office is like a sanctuary. Love it!”
~ S.D.

“I developed, what I thought, was an Epstein-Barr-like virus in 2005. I had overall fatigue, nausea, headaches and overall body aches and pains. I went to numerous doctors who could not diagnose the problem, let alone treat it. I saw an ad for Stephanie’s practice in a magazine and thought I’d give it a try. After only 1 1/2 months of a combination of acupuncture and herbal therapy I’m finally starting to feel better—for the first time in over 6 years. Stephanie not only diagnosed the problem accurately but she continues to aggressively treat it through a variety of methods. Where western medicine failed me, Stephanie’s methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine have proven to be safe, non-invasive and extremely effective! I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie for everyday medical problems as well as the “mystery diseases” like I had! She is simply AMAZING!!!”
~ T.P.

I came to Dr.Irzyk for hormonal and anxiety issues and she made me chinese herbs that were tailored for my conditions.  I could tell a difference within a few days of being on them, and I have extreme issues with my cycles. She changes my herbs up depending on my symptoms and I have had a much better time managing them. She also uses a cold laser therapy on me which doesn’t hurt a bit, and acupuncture from time to time. Overall I am feeling way better than I was. I plan on staying on my herbs and getting better and better. I really havent felt this GREAT in so long. Thanks so much Dr.Irzyk” ~ S.S.

"I have know Dr. Irzyk for many years. This summer I had an attack of pancreatitis that landed me in the hospital. While all Western medicine could do it prescribe pain medicine, I contacted Dr. Irzyk. With acupuncture and medicinal herbs, all my issues have been taken care of and I feel great! I cannot recommend New Direction Natural Medicine enough!" ~ S.T.

"I have been seeing Dr. Stephanie for more than 2 years now. I needed to find a natural solution to my digestion problems and arthritic pain. She is very knowledgeable on herbal and Chinese medicine and can find a remedy for any situation. She is an ultimate professional who knows her craft. Whenever I get her acupuncture treatment my pain just disappears. She is unique with her solutions. I wish she was closer geographically. However, my health is more than worth the 1 1/2 hour drive to see her. Thank you Dr. Stephanie for your dedication and love for human wellness." ~ B.W.

"I am so fortunate to have found this office, as I desperately wanted to avoid surgery for severe sciatica. Previously, I had the MRI, and the injections, with no relief. After several appointments of acupuncture, I have experienced a decrease in my pain! I have more appointments to go for my full treatment, and I look forward to having this be my solution. (office and staff are great, also)." ~ D.M.

"The treatments in a great saved my life. After 25+ years on anti-anxiety medication I was totally able to stop taking all five medications. Dr. Never said to stop. She gave me the right herbs for sleep and being calm. After just two weeks I stopped taking Zantac with no withdrawals. Then BHP. Now all five are gone. I all sleeping well through the night dealing with the underlying issues and regaining my life back. Love your self first. She saved my life." ~ J.S.


Baby Tenley

“Words can't even describe the gratitude we have

towards you for helping us make our precious miracle. If it wasn't for you she wouldn't be a part of our family. We are so thankful for everything." ~ Nicole A.

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