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Chinese Herbs

  The Truth Behind Chinese Herbs


There’s a reason that Chinese herbs have been used for hundreds of years. They provide a safer alternative to the chemicals prescribed by so many western doctors. At New Direction Natural Medicine, we take a holistic approach to treating the body. This includes using herbs, acupuncture, and other methodologies.


When it comes to Chinese medicine near me, it’s critical that you know that it’s all-natural. It’s not processed like many of the prescription drugs that you are accustomed to taking. As a result, it’s not going to give you the side effects that so many prescription drugs come with.


If you have ever looked on the side of a pill bottle, the warnings can be lengthy. A drug that is supposed to help you could come with side effects that can include headaches, body aches, nausea, cold sweats, and other negative effects that you can start to feel almost immediately. Then, as the drug has a chance to interact with the rest of your body, it can lead to a spike in your blood pressure, cause liver damage, and even result in death.


Why would you take such harsh prescription drugs when there is an alternative?


Chinese medicine near me can be used to treat all sorts of different health conditions. It can boost your immune system, help with digestion, provide better mental clarity and so much more.


We will work closely with you in order to help you as a whole. We’re not going to treat a single symptom and send you on your way because we take a holistic approach. We want to ensure that you know what’s going on. The Chinese herbs that we prescribe will help to provide balance, improve your health, and ensure that you’re healing so that you can feel whole again.

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