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Lab Testing

Cutting edge lab testing to pinpoint the root cause of your condition.

At New Direction Natural Medicine, we offer our patients the most

comprehensive diagnostic testing to truly pinpoint the root cause of

their condition.  We offer full blood panels along with specialized testing.  


Based on your condition, the following tests may be recommended:

We work with the best lab companies to offer you the most accurate and in-depth information including:

  • Evexia Diagnostics

  • Diagnos-techs

  • Great Plains Laboratory

We have helped many patients struggling with chronic health problems finally get the answers they’ve been looking for. For example, chronic bloating and skin rashes may be due to food sensitivities and chronic fatigue may be due to an adrenal dysfunction. Once we zero in on what is causing the problem, we can actually treat the underlying issue instead of just masking the symptoms. Let us help you solve the mystery to your nagging health issues today!

Altamonte Orlando Lab Testing
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