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Holistic Doctor Near Me

What a Naturopathic Doctor Near Me Can Offer


Imagine being able to overcome chronic health problems. When you want to learn about a new way to treat your health conditions, find a naturopathic doctor near me. At New Direction Natural Medicine, our physician has a doctorate in Chinese medicine and is certified as a functional medicine physician. We believe that it’s important to treat the entire body instead of one or two symptoms.

Together, we can explore what’s going on. We’ll run labs, explore your nutrition, and identify more about what’s happening inside of your body. We can prescribe Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and other therapies to ensure that you get the support that you need to improve your health.


When you’re ready to learn what a naturopathic doctor near me can do, call to schedule your appointment. You may be able to overcome a chronic health condition once and for all because the root of the problem will finally be treated.

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