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What You Should Know Before Taking Supplements

Oftentimes I see new patients come to me with a giant bag of supplements, yet still are sick and experiencing a lot of symptoms. Many patients advocate for themselves because their medical doctor isn’t helping them, so they turn to Google, Instagram ads, or TikTok to try to figure it out on their own. While this is sometimes better than nothing, it is really important to have the guidance of an experienced licensed practitioner who can take all the guesswork out of your supplement regimen, run comprehensive lab work, and provide you with the right supplements that are of the best quality for your individual needs.

First of all, the purpose of taking supplements is to give your body something it is lacking, enhance the function of your organs, kill harmful pathogens, and prevent illness. It is important to note that diet and lifestyle modifications should always be addressed first, to minimize the amount of supplements you need to take. For example, if your iron is low, it is best to add grass-fed organic red meat with vitamin C rich foods before considering taking iron. Now if you are vegan and not getting enough dietary iron or you are extremely deficient, this is where a supplement would be necessary. When it comes to supplements, less is best and more is not better.

Secondly, not all supplements are created equal. Many supplements out there don't live up to their claims, aren't third-party tested or well researched, contain mostly fillers, and don't actually contain enough of the substance(s) listed on the bottle to give you a therapeutic effect. Additionally, if you have a gut issue (i.e. malabsorption or leaky gut), as many of us do, you probably aren't absorbing your supplements enough to obtain any health benefits. This is why it is so important to address gut health issues first and only take supplements that are from reliable companies.

Lastly, the goal is not to take a supplement for every ailment or to take a ton of supplements for the rest of your life. Instead, you should seek a functional medicine physcian or naturopathic doctor who uses high quality physician-grade natural supplements to correct patterns of dysfunction, improve vitamin and nutrient status, open your detoxification pathways and rid the body of chronic parasites, bacteria, virus, fungus, heavy metals, mold, mycotoxins, etc. – the root cause(s) of your illness. This should be done in a specific order and very strategically to give you the best long-term results. (For instance, if you liver is congested and/or you are not having regular bowel movements, your body cannot detoxify efficiently and toxins have nowhere to go, leaving you feeling worse instead of better.)

Here are my top 4 recommendations when it comes to taking supplements:

  1. Never purchase supplements on Amazon or in stores like Walmart. There is a good chance you are wasting your money because these supplements are not regulated, can have false and misleading claims, and may provide no therapeutic effects.

  2. Find a functional medicine physician (like myself) who can run comprehensive functional lab work to find out what supplements you truly need (and don't need) and provide you with a treatment plan with less than 10 supplements.

  3. Purchase your supplements from a licensed practitioner who has access to providing you with the highest quality, physician-grade supplements backed by research and rigorously tested.

  4. Avoid oversupplementing. Each supplement is a piece of information the body has to process, so don't create confusion. If any doctor recommends that you take 20+ supplements, run for the hills!

If you are ready to discover what supplements you need and uncover the root cause so you can truly heal, schedule your free consultation today: 321-972-2940 or book online here.

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