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Bach Flower Remedies for Anxiety

Almost all of the patients I treat come to me with some form of anxiety. As a holistic doctor, I help these patients find natural and healthy ways to cope, and Bach flower remedies are one of my favorite tools. Why? Because they address each patient's unique type of anxiety. You see, anxiety is not the same for everyone. You may have anxiety caused by a fear of flying on an airplane, a fear of that bad things are going to happen, a feeling of being overwhelmed by life, or just constant worry. By targeting specific negative emotions, worries, and fears, Bach flower remedies help to improve anxiety naturally and without side-effects.

Bach Flower Remedies were developed in the 1930's by English physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach. After many years of treating patients with conventional medicine, he realized that many physical ailments were the result of emotional and mental conditions.

Treating patients during the Great Depression, Dr. Bach sought out a non-toxic way to help those who were dealing with overwhelming feelings of fear and depression. In his search, Dr. Bach discovered 38 flower remedies (derived from the fresh blossoms of specific plants), each addressing a specific emotional state (i.e. fear, uncertainty, worry).

By clearing emotional imbalances and gently restoring balance between mind and body, Bach flower remedies can be a powerful tool in healing your anxiety. Here are the remedies which help to treat specific types of anxiety:

  • Mimulus: for anxiety caused by fear of something specific, such as fear of illness or injury, fear of driving or flying, fear of spiders, or fear of having a panic attack.

  • White Chestnut: for constant worry, mental arguments, repetitive unwanted thoughts, and insomnia caused by overthinking.

  • Elm: for feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by responsibilities, and depressed because you feel like you can never complete all your tasks.

  • Red Chestnut: for feeling overly concerned and worried about others, fear that something bad will happen to a loved one.

  • Cherry Plum: for fear of losing control, feeling violent towards yourself or others, explosive anger, temper tantrums.

  • Aspen: for vague unknown fears, or fear that something bad will happen.

  • Rock Rose: for fright or terror, nightmares, feeling frozen like you cannot react or move.

To find out which Bach flower remedies are right for you, how you can get your own custom tincture, and how to take it, click below to fill out this FREE questionnaire!

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Rhonda PAGAN
Rhonda PAGAN
20 avr. 2021

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