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How To Use a Jade Roller

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Have you read about the benefits of jade rollers in our blog? Or have you heard someone talk about them and wanted to try using one for yourself? In this article we will share with you how you can use the jade roller as a relaxing part of you daily skincare regimen.

In addition to providing all of the cooling effects of jade, the roller works as a facial massage, stimulating circulation and breaking up lymphatic stagnation to reduce puffiness and discoloration in the face.

Jade Roller: How to Use

Always use your jade roller on freshly washed skin. If you have a serum or oil you like to use, put it on and let it sit on the skin for at least 60 seconds before using the roller.

Note: Always roll your jade roller from the center of your face outwards, using your nose as the divider. Each of the motions below should be repeated on both sides of the face!

  1. Start at your chest and use gentle pressure to perform outward and upward strokes. Make sure to pass over the same patch of skin 3-4 times, and don't roll the roller backwards to get back to your starting point!

  2. Starting at the chin, roll horizontally back towards the hairline.

  3. From the corner of the nose, roll back towards the ears.

  4. Using the smaller end of the jade roller, roll from the inner eye along the brow crease to the temple.

  5. From your eyebrows, roll out towards your temples.

  6. For the forehead, roll upwards from the eyebrows towards the hairline.

  7. Finish by rolling horizontally from the center of your forehead towards the temples.

For puffy eyes, use the smaller side of the jade roller and hold the stone under your eyes for a few seconds. With very gentle pressure, roll slightly downwards towards the cheeks. This helps fluid under your eyes to drain and reduce under eye puffiness.

The whole process should only take about 2-4 minutes to complete. If your skin flushes as you're using the jade roller, this is completely normal and a good sign you're doing it correctly!

If you want to apply more moisturizer or serum after finishing with the jade roller, feel free to do so. Clean your jade roller with warm, soapy water before putting it away

(Some people like to put their jade rollers in the fridge overnight for maximum cooling effect).

And you're done! Use your jade roller once daily to achieve the best results.

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