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A Natural Solution for Acid Reflux

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Acid reflux (GERD), a chronic digestive condition in which acids and other contents of the stomach flow back up into the espophagus and cause irritation, affects over 20% of Americans. Symptoms include a burning sensation in the chest, bitter or sour taste in the mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, choking sensation at night, bloating after meals, nausea, gas, belching, flatulence, prolonged hiccups, difficulty swallowing, weight loss, hoarseness, and throat irritation.

The problem is the number one treatment for acid reflux (antacids and proton-pump inhibitors such as Prilosec and Nexium) can cause much more harm than good. Side-effects of these medications include: rapid or slowed heart rate, palpitations, high blood pressure, chest pain, ulcers, development of male breasts, pancreatic inflammation, irritable colon, constipation, diarrhea, mood changes, headaches, muscle pain, anxiety, depression, liver disease or failure, diabetes, muscle weakness, skin problems, ringing in the ears, inflammation of the eyes, frequent urination, testicular pain, anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, and blood cell disorders. These are only some of the side effects; there are many more. Yikes!

Many people take these over-the-counter medications for years without realizing the long-term consequences. In addition to these side-effects, these medications can cause hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid). If your stomach acid is too low, the body cannot properly digest foods, fight bacteria, virus and cancer cells.

Fortunately there are many highly effective natural solutions to the treatment of acid reflux including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, natural supplementation and food therapy. I have been very successful over the years in treating many patients with acid reflux, even when nothing else worked. Below I will reveal my secret weapons in treating this condition.


There are many studies proving the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating acid reflux and other digestive disorders. Acupuncture "has been shown to alter acid secretion, GI motility, and visceral [organ] pain (Takahashi, 2016). The beauty of acupuncture is that it has a regulatory effect, meaning that it can either increase or decrease specific functions in the body, and it does this without the risk of side-effects.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

For patients with acid reflux, custom Chinese medicinals are prescribed based on each patients unique condition. Unlike medications, herbs are not one-size-fits-all. Chinese herbs are formulated to address the underlying cause of the acid reflux as well as quell the symptoms. For instance, patients may have liver issues that are affecting their digestion or they may have stress or anxiety that triggers the reflux. Each patient presents a slightly unique case that can be tailor treated.

Herbs are taken until the root and the symptoms are gone, rather than as a life sentence.

Food Therapy

When treating acid reflux, it is important to remove trigger foods and add healing ones. See below for the list of trigger foods and healing foods.

Foods that can trigger or worsen acid reflux include:

  • chocolate

  • coffee

  • soda

  • alcohol, especially red wine

  • fried foods

  • fatty meats & cheeses

Foods to heal acid reflux:

  • bone broth

  • kefir

  • kombucha

  • cucumbers

  • green leafy vegetables

  • artichokes

  • asparagus

  • pumpkin

  • squash

  • wild caught salmon

  • wild caught tuna

  • broccoli sprouts

  • manuka honey

  • aloe vera juice

  • marshmallow tea

  • pickle juice

Natural Supplements

There are several natural supplements that can be used to heal inflammation in the esophagus caused by acid reflux and alleviate the symptoms. We offer physican-grade natural supplements in our pharmacy to offer you the best quality and results.

Supplements to treat acid reflux:

  • probiotics

  • mastic gum

  • l-glutamine

  • slippery elm

  • deglycyrrhized licorice (DGL)

Baking soda or Apple Cider Vinegar?

The answer is, it depends. What many people don't know is that acid reflux may be caused by stomach acid that is either too high or too low. People taking acid lowering medications may actually have too little stomach acid and given these drugs only exacerbates the problem. An easy way to find out if your stomach acid is too high is too low is a baking soda and vinegar test. (Don't do both on the same day.) If baking soda alleviates your reflux, you have most likely have high stomach acid. If apple cider vinegar alleviates your reflux, you mostly likely have low stomach acid.

If you have been suffering with acid reflux, GERD, or heartbearn, we can help you solve this problem naturally! Call 321-972-2940 to set up your initial exam today.


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