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The Purpose of Chinese Medicine

Updated: May 30, 2020

Today a new patient came into my office with a page ripped out of a magazine - an article I wrote from 7 years ago! She had circled the phrase "nourish life" and asked more about what that meant. The purpose of Chinese medicine is to nourish life. This means to provide the body with food and herbs necessary for our growth, health and longevity. Everything we put into our body can either nourish or harm us. In Chinese medicine, herbs are not only used to treat medical conditions, but can also help us live longer, improve our daily living, and prevent future illness.

Chinese medicine started out as the exclusive medicine for the emperors of China. This "emperor's medicine" was used to help the emperors live long lives and enhance their fertility so they could have many children. While many people only go to the doctor when they are sick, the emperors used Chinese medicine to prevent illness and live a longer, fuller life.

Chinese medicine is truly one of the best forms of anti-aging medicine and prevention of disease. With the stressful lives most of us lead, now more than ever, we can benefit from Chinese medicine. It is important to not only come in for treatment when you are sick, but to use the medicine to help improve the quality and quantity of your life and become more nourished. Many of my patients choose to continue taking Chinese herbal medicine even when their original complaints are fully resolved because they want to keep their body and mind in an optimal state and prevent future illness. To learn more about how you can benefit from Chinese medicine, schedule your consultation today!

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