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Tips for Getting Through the Quarantine

Hello out there to the many of us social distancing and self-quarantining!

While this is a new experience for all of us, many individuals are struggling with their unlimited free time. We want to offer our support and offer you some helpful pointers to get you through this trying time.

Get Up & Get Dressed

We are all entitled to a lazy day now and again but try to maintain some form of a routine. By getting up and getting dressed you are telling yourself you are ready to take on the day and you won't spend the day moping around in boredom. This is the perfect time to revitalize your morning routine! Do you consider yourself a morning person? Most people don't; in fact, most people will confess they often start their day off by fighting with the alarm clock and pounding down the caffeine before doing anything else. Here is your opportunity to create your fresh start! Start training yourself to wake up the same time every morning, drink a glass of water before reaching for the coffee, sit down and enjoy breakfast (a real one), and go for a short morning walk to get that blood pumping!

Exercise & The Great Outdoors

If you have taken a look outside you will notice more and more people are taking advantage of all their free time by taking their dogs for walks, reconnecting with a family stroll, or taking a bike ride. (Truth be told, dogs are probably wondering when their humans are going back to work because they've been on more walks in the last week then in their entire life.) These are all simple yet great forms of exercise as well as a way to enjoy the great outdoors. For those of us that work long hours indoors, getting outside and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine does wonders for the body and the mind. Be sure to include a little physical activity and take in some new scenery over the next couple of weeks. You could even consider starting a garden while it's planting season.

There are numerous online exercise programs now offering free workouts! For those who have been working with a personal trainer or workout group, don't let your hard earned results start slipping away now. Stay connected virtually and keep applying what you know at home. Others that have been playing around with the idea of becoming more active, now is your chance! Just imagine how far along you could be to reaching your goals and how you can learn to integrate your new routine into your normal routine if you started now!

Practice Gratitude

I often include this practice in many of my blogs, because its a very impactful practice yet its so easily over looked. What does practicing gratitude mean to you? Some would say it's about staying positive, remaining grateful for what you do have, or always looking for the silver lining in any situation. While those statements are all true, practicing gratitude can go much deeper than just being thankful. Think of it this way, can a person see the positive in something and still not be a positive person?

Practicing gratitude is just that, it is an ongoing practice. You are retraining your mind to bring forth thoughts of gratitude, positivity, joy, and a sense of peace, instead of harboring negativity or unfavorable thoughts. Practicing gratitude can offer you insight on how to appreciate any and all situations (good or bad) and the outcomes those situations can produce. A couple ways someone might apply this practice to their day is by expressing their thoughts of gratitude to someone, reciting their thoughts of gratitude to themselves or by keeping a gratitude journal.

That Long Awaited To-Do List

We all have one, that list of things we've been wanting to tackle "but we never have the time." There's no time like the present to start relieving yourself of those projects, such as cleaning out those spaces in your home you've been putting off, or starting those home improvements or repairs. Plan your days out accordingly and don't try to get everything done at once. Add some excitement back into your day by learning a new skill or by teaching something you know to your child or a significant other in your life. Let this be a time of building memories and passing along wisdom.


Whatever you do, don't skip out on self-care! This can include any and all activities you personally make time for during your typical day. Self-care can greatly impact your mood, motivation, and attitude towards others sharing the same space as you. It is also a great way to reduce anxiety. Continue your normal self-care rituals even if you're not going anywhere to make an appearance or feel you have plenty of time to do it later. This is your personal time you normally give yourself and it should be upheld, if not given more designated time to. Choose activities that make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, so when it's time to return to work you're going to feel like you've had the best vacation of your life.

Thank you to everyone for doing your part in keeping us all safe and healthy! We will all get through this together! I hope this blog can help you plan around your abundant free time and offer you some ideas of how to utilize the hours in your day. Stay calm and wash your hands. We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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