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The 3 Phases of Care in Chinese Medicine

Updated: May 8

Chinese medicine is a unique and highly effective system of medicine that can benefit almost everyone! Most people are used to going to the doctor only when they are sick or just taking a pill; however, this medicine is quite different (in a good way). With Chinese medicine, we work on treating the underlying core pattern of dysfunction in the body causing your symptoms. Your symptoms are the ultimate end result of a problem that has most likely been manifesting in your body for years unnoticed. Instead of just masking the symptoms with medication, we treat your symptoms and the root issue simultaneously, as well as prevent the issue from returning in the future. This is why it is so important to complete a full treatment program, not just one or two treatments. This article will explain the 3 main phases of care in Chinese medicine and why it is important to complete all three.

Phase #1: Relief Care

The first phase of your treatment is the relief phase. The goal of this phase is to relieve your symptoms and promote a quick recovery from pain and discomfort. Patients are seen 2-3 times per week during this phase in order to accelerate healing and gain back quality of life. Acupuncture treatments are given more frequently in order to stimulate the body's natural pain killers and endorphins. Often patients are coming in for chronic problems and their circulation is sluggish and the body is stuck in a chronic pain response. The frequency of treatments helps to jump start the brain to produce our natural pain-killers and feel-good chemicals - enkephalins and endorphins. Repeated treatments over a few weeks or months will help to train the body to heal faster and improve circulation. This is when you will notice rapid improvement and a dramatic reduction or elimination of your symptoms. This will make you very happy! On to the next phase of healing, the most essential one.

Phase #2: Stabilization Care

Acupuncture treatments are less frequent during this phase as your overall health improves. Treatment is aimed at supporting and maintaining the changes that have occurred within the body. At this time, underlying problems and chronic imbalances are addressed. Even though you may be symptom-free, it is important to strengthen, build and support your body to prevent your symptoms from returning. The biggest mistake patients make is stopping care once they start feeling good. Stopping care at this phase could disrupt the changes and improvement you have achieved. That is why this is THE most important stage of all - stabilizing the problems so it doesn't come back!

Phase #3: Maintenance Care

Just like your car gets its regular tune-up and oil change to keep it running optimally, maintenance is super important for your body to stay healthy. Instead of only running to the doctor only when you are sick (the last stage of illness), why not go to the doctor to prevent it in the first place? Patients entering into the maintenenance phase of care are now feeling really good! Treatments are recommended 1-2 times per month, every other month or even every season, depending on each patient. Maintenance treatments are the best health insurance you can have - not getting sick!

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