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Acupuncture Point: Yintang

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Yintang is an acupuncture point located between the eyebrows that we intuitively rub when we are stressed or anxious. Translated as "Hall of Impression", Yintang is one of my absolute favorite acupuncture points because of its extremely calming effect. It is a point I use on almost all of my patients because who couldn't use stress relief these days?!

Yintang helps your body and mind to feel calm and relaxed and reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia, and agitation. In fact, most of the time I use this point on my patients, they fall asleep during their treatment! This point is also effective for frontal headache pain and nasal problems including: nasal congestion, sinus pain, rhinitis, and nosebleed. Yintang is also one of the acupuncture points used in cosmetic acupuncture treatments because it activates the procerus muscle of the face to treat wrinkles around the eye and over the bridge of the nose!

Research Studies

Randomized-controlled trials have proven that Yintang effectively "reduces pre-operative anxiety levels in patients awaiting neurosurgery." Another study demonstrated that Yintang produces an "immediate effect on the autonomic nervous system", and "induced cardiovascular responses, increased the limits of the body's homeostasis, and normalized the patient's condition in the case of syncope".

How to Perform Acupressure on Yintang:

Acupuncture on Yintang is the best (please leave this up to us and don't try this at home); however, acupressure is the second best way to get the benefits from this awesome point. You can perform this technique anywhere to yourself or a loved one. Here's how:

  1. Locate Yintang with your middle finger by finding the midpoint between the middle part of your eyebrows.

  2. Place your other fingers (of the same hand) on top of your middle finger.

  3. Gently massage the point in clockwise and counter-clockwise circles for 1-2 minutes, closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and allowing the muscles of your forehead to relax and soften.

I hope you enjoy the relaxing benefits of Yintang and ask about it at your next acupuncture session!!

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