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Treating Heart Disease with Chinese Medicine

Heart disease is the #1 disease killing Americans. While modern medicine can often help save people’s lives, the doctors usually have to wait until your heart disease has progressed to a critical level (i.e. heart attack, stroke). This is why they call heart disease the silent killer – many people are walking around with heart disease and don’t ever present with any symptoms or warning. Cardiologists often cannot detect heart disease until it is quite severe. In fact, patients undergoing a treadmill test will only fail if their heart is 70% blocked or more. In addition, statin drugs only statistically prolong life by maybe about 5 days. So what do we do to prevent heart disease and fix it at an early stage before it becomes life threatening? Chinese medicine has the answer.

In Chinese Medicine, we can detect early (and later) signs of heart disease through Chinese Pulse Diagnosis. By interpreting the blood flow through the radial artery at the wrist, we can tell how your cardiovascular system is functioning (as well as your other organs). Your true health is determined by the function of your cardiovascular system. What is the difference between being alive and dead? Blood flow. The true definition of good health is highly oxygenated, highly nutritious blood coursing through your veins.

Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful treatment to prevent and treat heart disease. Upon evaluating your pulse, we can determine if your heart is weak, congested, enlarged or blocked. Chinese herbs are then custom prescribed to treat your individual case. If your heart is weak, we give herbs to strengthen the pumping action of the heart. If the blood flow to the heart is blocked, we give herbs to open up the blood vessels and move blood through the heart. If the heart is congested, we give herbs to improve oxygen and blood to the heart and drain excess fluids. If the heart is enlarged, we give herbs to reduce inflammation in the heart.

The early symptoms of heart disease are fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia, and for some people they experience no symptoms at all. This is why pulse diagnosis is incredibly useful. We can determine health problems sometimes even before you experience any symptoms at all. You certainly don’t want to wait around for a stroke or heart attack before you do something to improve your heart condition!

Heart conditions improved with Chinese Herbal Medicine:

  • mitral valve prolapse

  • heart murmur

  • enlarged heart

  • aortic valve regurgitation or insufficiency

  • arrhythmia

  • congestive heart failure

  • heart blockage

  • hypertension

  • pre- & post-stroke

  • atherosclerosis

  • palpitations

  • chest pain

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