Paleo Snacks

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

If you have started a Paleo diet, you may be wondering, "what snacks can I eat that are Paleo-friendly?" I get asked this question a lot. While you may have chosen foods high in sugar and carbs as your go-to snacks in the past, these things are a no-no on Paleo.

One of the good aspects of the Paleo diet is that it excludes the unhealthy snack foods that cause weight gain: potato chips, ice cream, pretzels, etc. Eating snacks that are high in carbs and sugar aren't typically very filling, which is why we tend to eat more of them and the calories can definitely add up. In contrast, Paleo snacks are much more nutrient-dense and higher in protein and healthy fats, making you feel full quicker and preventing you from overeating. Below are my favorite Paleo-friendly snack foods that are easy to take with you on-the-go and you don't have to feel guilty about!

14 Easy Paleo Snacks